Requirements for registration and submission of articles

Dear author, our magazine is open to the publications on any of the activities of the university.

The submissions are reviewed by the editorial board members and attracts specialists in the fields of science.

We shall consider only the complete article, which include:

  1. Article should be submitted in one copy. Used only Portrait orientation. Pagination is mandatory. In the article one must have a list of references (sources should be ordered alphabetically). Must be free of the article unedited materials (eg, scanned drawings or formulas). The article should be provided with a code GRNTI (National Index of scientific and technical information);
  2. Abstract of article in Russian and English, of 400-500 characters;
  3. Keywords (5-8 words and phrases in Russian and English);
  4. Photo in electronic form, no smaller than 9×13 cm with a resolution of at least 300 dpi;
  5. Information about author (surname, name and patronymic in Russian and English; position and place of work; high school and year of graduation; the number of publications; the field of scientific specialization; contact information for publication in the journal (work phone number, e-mail, work address and postcode — in Russian and English) and for correspondence with the editorial board (number of home, mobile and work phones, e-mail, as well as other contact information));
  6. All materials on items 1-5 in electronic form.

Incomplete articles, articles are not designed according to the rules and wrong of references WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!